The Effect of Divorce on Parents on The Ethics of Class 3 XIIA Students at State Vocational High School 2 Ponorogo

Noor Syahid, Irfan Wahyu Syifa


This study aims to determine the impact of divorce perents on Akhlak of
students in SMKN 2 Ponorogo. The problems at SMKN 2 Ponorogo based on the
results of the preliminary research showed that the students whose parents divorced
at Ponorogo State Vocational High School was very much, of the total 1,075 students,
about 90 students whose parents were divorced and about 130 students who were
broken home or his parents separated but not yet officially divorced. Based on the
subject matter studied, the impact of divorce on the Akhlak students in SMKN 2
Ponorogo, the researchers used qualitative research, because the qualitative
descriptive method was the problem solving procedure investigated by describing the
state of the subject of research based on facts in the field. Data collection includes
semi-structured interviews, observation and documentation. As for analyzing the
data, researchers used 3 techniques, namely data reduction, data display, and
conclusion drawing. The results of this study reveal that there are 2 kinds effects of
parental divorce on students' morals or behaviors in school, the first is the positive
influence that students vent the divorce problem of both parents to study harder so
that they get good grades and become one of the outstanding students and the second
negative influences are students becoming more reserved, lonely and arrogant. The
solution for the child who is divorced is to maintain communication with both parents,
show achievements to their parents, and maintain the full attention of both parents.
This research also reveals that one of the causes divorce is economic problems and


Akhlak; Divorce; Qualitative Descriptive Method; Perents

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