• Call for Papers (begin from 2023 to present)

    1) Tsaqafah is a journal published by the University of Darussalam Gontor with its aims related to Islamic Civilization. What we refer to as Islamic Civilization, in accordance with the terminology elucidated in Islam as Religion and Civilization by Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, consists of two substantial elements in our view, namely Culture and Knowledge. 2) The editorial team is highly interested in articles that represent collaborative research between institutions, particularly those abroad, addressing topics related to 'Islamic Civilization' as well as 'Islamic Culture',' 'Islamic Society,' either 'Islamized' Culture or Scientific Society in various countries, from any disciplinary perspective. Furthermore, the editors prioritize manuscripts that have undergone professional proofreading, such as Enago or similar services. Please DO NOT ask the Editors-in-Chief for permission before submitting a manuscript. Kindly check the guidelines to determine whether your manuscript is within the scope of the journal; if yes, please go ahead and submit it. Read more about Call for Papers (begin from 2023 to present)