Call for Papers (begin from 2022 to present)


1) Tsaqafah is a journal published by the University of Darussalam Gontor with its aims related to Islamic Thought in Religion and its Civilization in Indo-Asian sense, but the scope are not limited to:

  • Islamic Philosophy (with reference to Qur’anic and Hadith Studies) and its History
  • Islam and Contemporary Western Issues spreading in Indo-Asia
  • Islam and Science in its History (i.e. Old Arabic and Rare Manuscript related to Islamic Science and Civilization)
  • Islam and Social Sciences (Islamic Anthropology, Islamic Sociology, Islamic Psychology, Islamic Politics, and Islamic Economy)
  • Islam and Humanities (Islamic Education, Islamic Law, and Islamic Literature)


2) Types of submissions not to be considered in our aim:

Please note, hermeneutics and another western philosphical analysis and method of study/research without its critics are not within the scope of this journal. The articles with only empirical approach (surveys or statistics) without (interpretive) philosophical-historical analysis in systematic review literature style would be excluded. Descriptive with local-scale statistical result (without islamic philosophical style of analysis) will not be considered. Also 'pure' art, humanities, social and exact sciences was not to be our scope:

  • Physical Sciences and Engineering
  • Life Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Conventional Social Sciences and Humanities


Please DO NOT ask the Editors-in-Chief for permission before submitting a manuscript. Kindly check the guidelines to determine whether your manuscript is within the scope of the journal; if yes, please go ahead and submit it.

Posted: 2022-09-26