Call for Paper Open All Year - Author Guidelines

Respectfully lecturers, teachers, students, researchers
Fountain of Informatics Journal (FIJ) Universitas Darussalam Gontor invites manuscripts, Requirements:
  1. The various topics include, but not limited to, functional areas of the information system, software engineering, computer network, game technology, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Islam
  2. This Journal does not charge for Article Processing Charges (APCs) or submission charges
  3. The title should be in accordance with the content of the manuscript is adequate, clear, precise and not multiple interpretations
  4. Abstract must contains: introduction, problems, objective, methods, results, conclusions and future work
  5. Keywords must be specific, with a maximum number of six
  6. Content must contain an introduction, methods, result and discussion, conclusion, and references. 
  7. Introduction contains: object of research, previous research of the same type (2-5), shortcomings or problems in previous studies, solutions (other methods) offered, research objectives
  8. Method contains:Additional literature and explanation of methods in research (scenarios, research steps)
  9. Result and discussion contains : complete research results with parameters that are compared or measured, can be added graphs, tables or figures as explanatory,
    Add a discussion of the differences in research, the strengths and weaknesses of current research results with previous research
  10. Conclussion contains: conclussion, future works, and suggestions
  11. References must be utilized using the Mendeley Reference Management Tool to simplify the editing process with the IEEE model citation
  12. The minimum number of references is ten, the last five to ten years, 80% including journals or proceedings. It's better if it comes from international journals or proceedings
  13. For the format of writing a journal, please opened Author Guidelines, and Article Template
  14. To submit articles directly sign up to our Open Journal System here
  15. Submission open all year and published semi-annual (May and November)
  16. The author must agree with Publication ethics and SOP for manuscript
  17. Contact Person: or Telegram Only: 0881 9144 524 (Dihin Muriyatmoko).
  18. Thank you for your attention
An article will be rejected immediately if it contains plagiarism or similarity more than 20% (by Plagiarism Checker X and or Turnitin) and not according to the format of writing style
Posted: 2018-09-04
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