For authors who are interested in submitting an article to Tasfiyah Journal, we are pleased to inform that the topic are as below:
  1. Aqidah
  2. Islamic Philosophy
  3. Islam and Contemporary Though
  4. Sufi Discourse

Submission deadline before February and August.

Call for Paper Open All Year - Author Guidelines


Respectfully lecturers, teachers, students, researchers

Tasfiyah; Jurnal Pemikiran Islam University of Darussalam Gontor invites manuscripts, Requirements:

  1. The various topics include Aqedah, philosophy, Islamic thought and Sufi discourse.
  2. This Journal does not charge for Article Processing Charges (APCs) or submission charges.
  3. The title should be in accordance with the content of the manuscript is adequate, clear, precise and not multiple interpretations.
  4. The minimum number of references is ten, the last five to ten years, 80% including journals or proceedings. It's better if it comes from international journals or proceedings
  5. For the format of writing a journal, please opened Author Guidelines and Article Template.
  6. To submit articles directly sign up to our Open Journal System here.
  7. Submission opens all year and published semi-annual (February and Agustus).
  8. The author must agree with Publication ethics, Copyright transfer form, and SOP for a manuscript.
  9. Contact Person: (Achmad Reza Hutama Al Faruqi, S.Fil.I., M.Ag.).

Thank you for your attention


An article will be rejected immediately if it contains plagiarism more than 25% by Turnitin and not according to the format of writing style

Posted: 2020-03-28