Kemampuan Pengurus Rayon Dalam Ta’bir Tahriri di Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor (Studi Analisis Deskriptif)

Nurul Salis


Darussalam Modern Islamic Boarding School Gontor is Islamic
educational institutions with dormitory system oriented in the field of
education and cadreses of people formation. The method used by giving
assignments in the dormitory as a manager of dormitory in Darussalam
Modern Islamic Boarding School Gontor, which functions as a regulator and
controller for all student activities directionally. This research is intended to
determine the ability of dormitory managers of class four about written
fabrication’s grade at Islamic Teacher Trainning Collage, Darussalam Modern
Islamic Boarding School Gontor Ponorogo. Type of this research is field study
that is descriptive quantitative and comparative quantitative. This sample
was taken and determined by Stratified Random Sampling, because
capabilities of each individual is different. Research data processing was
carried out by the statistic method. The result of this study was showed that
levels of dormitory’s manager has good result for written fabrication’s. The
results can be seen from the result that was gotten them in this lesson is 6.71
which is divided the result from all of manager of class four, 42 people.


Boarding School, Islamic Boarding School, Islamic Education, Management of Education, Education System.

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