Streamlining Education System Through Waqf Enlargement

Imam Bahroni


This paper is aimed at discussing the development of education system
based on the Waqf Empowerment. It is an experience of Gontor Modern
Integrated Islamic Institution to maintain its existence through the activities
of Waqf Enlargement. The spirit of self-reliance which has been implemented
by Gontor through various economic enterprise activities inside the campus is
the total processes of educational activities, carried out by students and
teachers themselves. They act as the subjects and objects of the education at
the same time. They teach themselves through various activities, creativities
and social interaction for their character and personality building. This
learning process is purposely undertaken in Gontor, because the basic
principle of this system is to actualize the community orientation through
which the students in the campus guided and prepared to have a spirit of
self reliance. So when they back to the society to undertake the real life they
confidently take their role to develop their society for the sake of Allah and
unity of muslim ummah.


Keywords: Individual, Pesantren, Waqf-Empowerment, Learning by Doing, Al-Jawérií

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