Communication Strategy for Medical Rehabilitation Installation Hj. Anna Lasmanah Hospital in Reducing Patient Drop Out Rates During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Yovi - Andriani


The Covid 19 pandemic that started in March 2020 gave birth to the New Habit Adaptation (IMR) policy. This situation created massive panic/alertness, including in the Medical Rehabilitation Installation at RSUD Hj. Anna Lasmanah Banjarnegara. This new rule makes the DO (Drop Out) number of Medical Rehab patients (a term for patients in the Medical Rehabilitation Installation) increase sharply and/or the number of patient visits for therapy has decreased drastically. For this reason, a communication strategy is very important to overcome this problem. This research approach uses qualitative research with constructivism paradigm. Researchers conducted in-depth observations at the Medical Rehabilitation Installation with data obtained through informant interviews. Selection of informants by purposive sampling to obtain information about the characteristics of medical rehabilitation patients. The method used in this research is a case study which aims to explain one or a number of decisions. From this research, the formulation of the right communication strategy will be produced to be applied in hospitals during a pandemic. This model of communication strategy in the form of innovation can be used as input in making appropriate hospital policies according to the sender of the message and the target audience.




Medical Rehabilitation Installation, Hospital, Communicatio Strategy, Innovation

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