rahmat saleh, Nur Anisah


One of the things that come to mind when people call Aceh is the application of Islamic Shari'a in every aspect of life, including the aspect of tourism. Halal tourism is an ongoing effort by the Acehnese Government to realize the Aceh brand as a halal symbol. The fact is that Aceh won three categories in the 2016 National Halal Tourism Competition held by the ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia. Aceh's tourism potential is very promising both in terms of diversity and unique culture, culinary peculiarities, coffee flavors, atmosphere in the coffee shop, Islamic culture and its natural and beautiful natural charm. Efforts to branding Aceh as halal tourism are challenges that are not easy to implement. The halal label in Aceh is actually not a terminology that needs to be debated again. All parties believe that the legal validity in Aceh (especially culinary) does not even require recognition on paper in the form of certification of official authority institutions such as the MUI. But when the halal label wants to be realized in the aspect of tourism, the question is what and how halal tourism wants to be realized in Aceh? How far can the experience of the halal label be felt by the public and tourists? How halal branding is understood by the parties and the availability of infrastructure that supports halal tourism branding. This paper is a library research and discusses it from the perspective of marketing communication and message creativity from the view of public relations.


Halal Tourism, City Branding, Impact of Tourists Visit, and Message Creativity

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