Muhammad Ridlo Zarkasyi


The purpose of this study is to explore the model of of organizational culture
at Pesantren (Islamic boarding) university, the development of academic
culture, and how to anticipate the obstacles, and who is responsible and will
be involved in the change and development of the academic culture. Pesantren
university is an institution, which organizes higher education programs
and is bound by the Laws regulation, to build an academic culture, which is
slightly different from pesantren culture. Building an academic culture means
creating a new culture within the pesantren envnironment, which focuses on
research and development activities, which mainly undertakes documenting
the research. Building an academic culture, similar to building an organizational
culture, which can be conducted in the following 6 stages; 1) evaluating
the organization’s situation and determining strategic objectives and direction;
2) analyzing the existing culture and sketching the desired cultural;
3) analyzing the gap between what is in and what is desired; 4) developing a
cultural development plan; 5) implementing the plan; 6) evaluating changes
and new efforts to invlove in sustaining cultural change. Steps to build and
maintain an academic culture, carried out in the following combination of
programs: changes in recruitment and selection procedures; forms socialization
and training programs; conducting performance appraisal system; promoting
sucessful people in expressing and symbolizing the desired culture;
leadership that communicates cultural values in speech, action and material
arrangements; the use of academic symbols, in the form of language, action
and material objects. The actors of change are the Founders and Leaders,
who are assisted by the underlying structure with limited proportions. It is
necessary that the appropriate Leadership role to the academic culture, not
shifting from the basic values of Pesantren, and open attitude to the development of dynamic academic culture follow the demands of the development of Higher Education. 


Developing, Academic Culture

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