Talent Management System pada Program Pengembangan Sumberdaya Manusia di SAKA Indonesia Pangkah Limited

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The need for energy both oil and gas in the world and in Indonesia continues
to increase this condition is required the best energy management, of
course, supported by qualified human resources and good capacity, energy
management will work well too. This study aims to determine the talent
management system program in the human resources development
program in SAKA Indonesia Pangkah Limited. The results obtained, in the
framework of talent management has not been fully running well, especially
in the selection and recruitment process, still using the traditional way has
not been using talent mapping. In the characteristics of talent management
SIPL has had development-oriented thinking, applied high work culture, talent
management system applied got support from management, and has
applied good human resource information system. Suggestions can be given
is to provide the widest opportunity to the resources owned companies to
grow, given the promotion or grade improvement to the talent of consistent
performance, and also provide rewards to the achievers and punishment to
.the less consistent performance


Talent Management System, Human Resource Development

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