Ta’addud Al-Ma’na fi Kalimah Ad-Dîn Fi Al-Qur’ân Al-Karîm

Ali Mahfuz Munawar


This article intends to analyze the word ad-dîn that is written numerous times in Qur’an, which generally be understood as religion only. The problem is how we determine ad-din’s meaning as polysemy or homonymy related to semantics study, because both of them have similarity. After studying some tafsir books such as Thabari and Ibn Katsir, ad-dîn has many meanings such as al-jazâ, al-hisâb, at-tâ’ah, al-ibâdah, asy-syarîah, and al-islâm. It’s meaning is as polysemy in al-Qur’an. This study also attempt to determine variety meanings in one sentence in al-Qur’an, but it’s not enough by just counting on the Qur’anic words, it needed several interpretations of the meaning, so it will help in interpreting and explaining a meaning appropriately. Tafsir is the one and only way to reveal various meanings of Allah’s words.


Meanings of ad-Dîn, Polysemy, Homonymy

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