Doctrine of Trinity Based on Qur’anic and Biblical Studies

Ahmad Hermawan


This paper will discuss the problem of Trinity as a doctrine that underlies the faith of Christianity. It is considered as a delusion theological doctrine which is both ambiguous and compelled. Al-Qur’an criticizes the confusion of Trinity as a doctrinal astray of human invention possessing no basis from Allah and it has triggered major conflicts within the Christianity itself. The confusion of Trinity willl be revealed through the method on historical criticism based on Qur’anic and Biblical Studies the confusion of Trinity is revealed. There are at least two aspects of the fallacy possessed by Trinity: Political aspect and the abberation of Christianity religious teachings. Moreover, there is an identical proof regarding the political interests of the Roman Emperor Constantine influencing the formulation of Trinity at Nicaea Council 325 C.E. The influence was an invasion of polytheism and paganism into Trinity confusing the elements of monotheism and polytheism. The distortion of religious teachings in Trinity is the presence of teachings of Jesus Christ  concerning an obligation to worship hm as God, while it does not exist in Gospel. The doctrine of Jesus divinity came from Paul. It precisely deviated monotheism principle. Consequently, there was a conflict in Christianity schools in respect to Trinity since that era up to the present day.


Doctrine, Trinity, Christian, al-Qur’an, Bibel.‎

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