al-Fitri al-Tsaqafi; Nahwa al-Jadid fi al-Manhaj al-Kalami 'inda Muhammad al-Ghazali

Muhammad Shohibul Mujtaba


This research was written to see one of the new methods in the development of the science of kalam, by using the book Aqidah al-Muslim by Syaikh Muhammad al-Ghazzali as the object of research. The new method is al-Fithry al-Tsaqafi. From his book, it can be analyzed that Syaikh Muhammad al-Ghazali applied the method of al-Fithry al-Tsaqafi in the development of contemporary kalam science issues. This is illustrated from the five chapters in the book. Namely: Criticism of the science of kalam, proof of the form of God, creation of nature, description of the verse "laisa kamitslihi syai’un", and human freedom (af’āl al-ibād). From these observations, there are three main elements of how the author has actually used the method of al-Fithry al-Tsaqafi, this is evidenced by the following reasons: First, he tried to explain kalam problems with axiomatic things, so that the reader is not burdened with terms that are difficult to understand. Second, trying to build a creed from its immediate source, namely the Qur'an and Sunnah. Three, explaining the negative side of the previous method of the science of kalam and its influence with modern thought.


Science of Kalam, al-Fithry al-Tsaqafi, ‘Aqidah al-Muslim

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