Journal History

ETTISAL : Journal of Communication published by the University of Darussalam Gontor in collaboration with ISKI also supervised by APJIKI, ASPIKOM, PPJID and RJI. It is published twice a year every June and December. In March 2016 registered with serial number P-ISSN 2503-1880, and in August with E-ISSN 2599-3240. ETTISAL : Journal of Communication serves as a reference for scholars in developing Communication Science.

In 2018 ETTISAL : Journal of Communication has signed an MoU with ISKI bachelor's degree in Communication Science and extended in June 2022. ETTISAL : Journal of Communication also collaborates with APJIKI (Association of Indonesian Journal of Communication Science Publishers) as a Indonesian Journal of Communication Journal Publishers Association. In its journey, carry out several processes in managerial improvement so that ETTISAL : Journal of Communication gets the Sinta 3 accreditation in 2019 based on SK No. 28/E/KPT/2019. 

In issue Vol.5 No.1 June 2020 published mix in English and Bahasa . At present, the journal is increasingly improving by managing managerial journal management based on the standards of research and technology. All issue actually apply the rules of using the manager's reference in making a bibliography using Mendeley and manuscript similarity was checked using turnitin. The manuscript equipped with information of e-issn, p-issn, manuscript genesis and information volume is in the upper left while the DOI is in the upper right.