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The accumulation of fat in the body with lack of physical activity will lead to overweight. This study aims to determine the differences of fat intake and exercise habits between overweight and non-overweight 82 students class X and XI at SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Surakarta. This study was an observational study with cross sectional approach. Data collected include fat intake, exercise habits and nutritional status of overweight and non-overweight of students. Fat intake was measured using food recall form for 7 consecutive days. Exercise habits taken using a questionnaire of exercise habits. Total sample were 41 overweight and 41 non-overweight  students. Analysis of data using Independent T-test and Mann Whitney. The results showed that fat intake of overweight subjects categorized enough (56.1%) there are 23 subjects. Overweight subjects had less exercise during the week  which was 75.6%. Non-overweight subjects more of fat intake that categorized enough (<25%) which was 70,7% (29 subjects). Non-overweight subjects had good exercise during the week  which was 56.1% which was 23 subjects. There were no differences in fat intake between overweight and non-overweight students (p=0,227). There was a difference of exercise habits between overweight and non-overweight students at SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Surakarta (p = 0.001; OR=3.961). Lack of exercise can increase the risk factor of overweight nutritional status by 3,961 times compared to good exercise subjects.


Keywords: fat intake, exercise habits, nutritional status, students, overweight.




Penumpukan lemak dalam tubuh dan tidak diimbangi dengan aktivitas fisik akan berpengaruh terhadap status gizi overweight. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui perbedaan asupan lemak dan kebiasaan olahraga pada 82 siswa kelas X dan XI dengan status gizi di SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Surakarta. Penelitian ini termasuk penelitian observasional dengan pendekatan cross sectional. Data yang dikumpulkan meliputi asupan lemak, kebiasaan olahraga dan status gizi. Asupan lemak diukur dengan menggunakan form food recall 24 jam selama 7 hari. Kebiasaan olahraga diambil dengan menggunakan kuesioner kebiasaan olahraga. Jumlah sampel penelitian sebesar 41 siswa overweight dan 41 siswa non-overweight. Analisis data menggunakan uji beda yaitu Independent T-Test dan Mann Whitney. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan asupan lemak subjek overweight termasuk kedalam kategori cukup (<25%) sebesar 56,1% yaitu 23 subjek. Subjek overweight banyak yang kurang olah raga rata-rata selama seminggu sebesar 75,6%. Subjek non-overweight lebih banyak mengkonsumsi asupan lemak dalam kategori yang cukup (<25%) yaitu 70,7% sebanyak 29 subjek. Subjek non-overweight lebih banyak yang sudah baik dalam melakukan olah raga selama seminggu yaitu 56,1% sebanyak 23 subjek. Tidak ada perbedaan asupan lemak pada siswa dengan status gizi overweight dan non-overweight (p=0,227). Ada perbedaan kebiasaan olah raga pada siswa dengan status gizi overweight dan non-overweight (p=0,001;OR=3.961). Kurangnya olahraga dapat meningkatkan faktor risiko status gizi overweight sebesar 3.961 kali dibandingkan dengan subjek yang olahraganya baik.


Kata Kunci : asupan lemak, kebiasaan olahraga, status gizi, siswa, overweight.

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