Bahagia dalam Perspektif al-Ghazali

Jarman Arroisi


The standard of person's happiness is vary. The West considers material capacity is considered as a sign that someone is happy. But precisely, such a standard will be different if looked at from Islamic worldview. Happiness is not measured by materials by by its closeness to the Creator of happiness itself. This paper examines the strategy for gaining happiness and its model based on perspective of al-Ghazali. Through an analytical descriptive method, this study found important conclusions they are, first, there are groups of people commit immoral acts such as corruption, collusion and so on; believing in that their activities are able to lead to happiness. Whereas the true happiness according to al-Ghazali is not as such, but happiness is a condition when someone is adept to reach the level of Ma'rifatullah. Second, a method to achieve the ma'rifah al-nafs is one way. It is able to be be achieved by contemplating the goal of man’s creation altogether with their duties and obligations and other questions related to the nature of human existence.


Material, Makrifat‎ Allah, Makrifat‎ al-Nafs, Happy, Great.

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