Nationally Accredited Journals

Sinta 2


Sinta 3

1. Agrotech Gontor Science Journal
2. Lisanudhad
3. Kalimah 
4. At-Ta'dib
5. Fountain of Informatics Journal

Sinta 4

1. Dauliyah Journal of Islamic and International Affairs
2. Al Tijarah

Sinta 5

Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health

Process to Sinta

  1. Islamic Economics Journal (submitted)
  3. ETTISAL Journal of Communication
  4. Tasfiyah (submitted)
  5. Darussalam Nutrition Journal
  6. Pharmaceutical Journal of Islamic Pharmacy
  7. Jurnal Educan
  8. Al-Iktisab: Journal of Islamic Economic Law
  9. Khadimul Ummah
  10. Agroindustrial Technology Journal
  11. Studia Quranika (submitted)

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