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Tasfiyah the journal's Aqidah, philosophy, tasawwuf and Islamic thought published by University of Darussalam Gontor in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought and Civilization (INSISTS) Jakarta. Tasfiyah published periodically, which is twice a year, in February and Augustus.

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TSAQAFAH (pISSN: 1411-0334 | eISSN: 2460-0008) is journal of Islamic civilization published by University of Darussalam Gontor. It is semiannual journal published in May and November for the developing the scientific ethos. Editors accept scientific articles and result of research in accordance with its nature as a journal of Islamic Civilization, such as: Islamic Philosophy, Islam and Contemporary Issues, Religious Studies, Islamic Science, Islamic Economics, Islamic education, Qur’anic Studies, Islamic Law, and Islamic Ethics.

TSAQAFAH has been accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia and indexed with the grade "S2" in Science and Technology Index (SINTA).

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