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Di Indonesia, fenomena ini telah sering terjadi, tetapi sayangnya belum diinvestigasi secara mendalam. Pengetahuan tentangnya juga masih sangat terbatas. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk mengkaji fenomena cancel culture dan dampaknya bagi kebebasan berpendapat. Penelitian ini dilakukan secara kualitatif dengan menggunakan netnografi. Hasil penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa dampak-dampak budaya pembatalan terhadap kebebasan berpendapat sangatlah kontekstual. Dalam kasus Lutfi Agizal, budaya pembatalan mempunyai dampak negatif bagi kebebasan berpendapat. Emosionalitas lebih mengemuka dibandingkan debat rasional. Sebaliknya, dalam kasus Gofar Hilman, jika kekerasan seksual memang terjadi maka budaya pembatalan memberikan kontribusi positif dalam memperjuangkan keadilan. Sebaliknya, jika kekerasan seksual tidak terjadi, maka budaya pembatalan menciptakan pembungkaman dan pengucilan. <em>Cancel culture</em> berdampak negatif terhadap Arawinda Kirana karena tiadanya budaya reflektif di antara para netizen. Oleh karena itu, penelitian ini menyarankan pentingnya melihat kasus demi kasus dalam melihat dampak-dampak budaya pembatalan.</p> 2024-02-06T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ETTISAL: Journal of Islamic Communication Storynomic Tourism Strategy of Kebo Ketan Ceremonial Art as a Form of Marketing Communication for Eco-Tourism 2023-11-04T01:08:53+07:00 Rizaldi Parani Ira Brunchilda Hubner Juliana Juliana Herman Purba <p>Kebo Ketan celebration held in Sekaralas village, Ngawi by Kraton Ngiyom non-governmental organization (NGO). The myth contained in this ceremonial art is a narrative related to concern for the culture, ecology and economy of the Sekaralas village community. This ceremonial art presenting a giant statue of a water buffalo and symbolic objects such as sticky rice, brown sugar, and musical instruments as well as sacred dances. The aim of this ceremonial art is to convey messages related to preserving the natural environment around the Sekaralas village area, and encouraging increased social cohesiveness of village residents. This research intends to describe and analyze how the storynomic tourism strategy is used through the Kebo Ketan ceremonial art as a form of marketing communication for eco-tourism in Sekaralas village, which can depict the power of culture through myths and rituals, packaged in a narrative form to attract tourists. This research used qualitative approach, with the ethnographic method. Primary data were collected through semi-structured interviews with five informants and also complemented by observation results. The research results show that storynomics has the potential to encourage eco-tourism in Sekaralas village, which can be done mainly through the use of digital media. However, the village residents have not fully understood the meaning of the messages conveyed through the Kebo Ketan ceremonial art, especially regarding environmental conservation and the encouragement to develop the village.</p> 2023-12-29T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ETTISAL: Journal of Islamic Communication The Declining Trend of Religious Films in Indonesia: Can They Win Again? 2023-12-01T19:32:09+07:00 Daniel Susilo Endik Hidayat Mujiono John Jerico Dalangin <p><em>This research investigates the prospects of religious films in Indonesian cinemas and OTT streaming platforms in the post-pandemic era. It addresses the decline in viewership of religious films, particularly in the Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi regions. The study aims to identify the loyal consumers of religious films and propose strategies to reinvigorate their appeal and attract a wider audience. The theoretical framework for analysis is derived from Baudrillard's theory of the consumption society. Utilising qualitative methods, supplemented by survey data from film consumers in the Greater Jakarta area, this study examines the distinct market segmentation of religious films, albeit with relatively lower enthusiast numbers compared to other film genres in OTT and electronic cinema. To regain competitiveness, religious films could be creatively blended with other genres, such as religious comedy, to offer a more dynamic and inclusive experience, steering away from a rigid focus on da'wah content.</em></p> 2024-02-06T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ETTISAL: Journal of Islamic Communication Communication Ethics in Football Fan Interactions with Blackpink's K-pop Fandom 2023-12-22T13:16:34+07:00 Nur Halimah Anggraeni Vani Dias Adiprabowo <p><em>Communication between humans can be established more easily and quickly with the development of advanced technology today. The number of social media that exists at this time, makes the communication process can be done easily. Currently, the communication process has become easier so that we know media communication, namely in this study through Instagram social media. In using social media there are communication ethics that must be considered, so it should not be arbitrary in communicating. This study examined the media behavior of football fans on Blackpink's K-pop fandom on Blackpink's Instagram social media account. The research method in this study uses a qualitative approach. Data collection is carried out by observing a case that is happening through Instagram social media. The data collection method used is by observing and analyzing the ethics in communicating football fans with Blackpink's K-pop fandom on Instagram media through comments shown on the blackpinkofficial Instagram account. The results of this study, we can see that the communication we use on Instagram, over time can reduce the rules contained in it. The reason is, social media is a gathering place for various kinds of human nature, both mature in addressing problems and those who are still childish, causing poor communication ethics of football fans and Blackpink fans.</em></p> 2024-02-07T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Momen Kritis Jurnalisme: Problematika Media Sosial dan Disiplin Verifikasi di Jawa Timur 2023-12-20T12:34:57+07:00 Merlina Maria Barbara Apul Nanang Krisdinanto <p>Pandemi Covid-19 memunculkan situasi yang disebut momen kritis jurnalisme yang bisa<br />dilihat dalam lima hal, yaitu titik balik, transformasi, titik awal, akselerasi, dan penghancuran. Pada<br />saat yang sama, perkembangan media sosial yang menjadi kian esensial dalam proses produksi<br />berita atau praktik jurnalistik. Kedua hal ini memunculkan problem yang kompleks dalam proses<br />produksi berita, terutama terkait dengan disiplin verifikasi dan posisi media sosial. Penelitian ini<br />bertujuan untuk menguraikan pergulatan atau problematika yang dialami jurnalis Surabaya dalam<br />memproduksi berita pada situasi pandemi. Metode yang digunakan adalah studi kasus, dan data<br />dikumpulkan melalui wawancara mendalam, observasi, serta kajian literatur. Temuan penelitian ini<br />merefleksikan terjadinya pergulatan yang dialami jurnalis dalam menjalankan praktik jurnalistik<br />profesionalnya pada masa pandemi. Momen kritis jurnalisme yang ditimbulkan oleh pandemi<br />semakin mengakselerasi penggunaan media sosial dalam praktik jurnalistik hingga pada taraf<br />ketergantungan. Ketergantungan ini menjadi problem dalam jurnalisme mengingat informasi<br />media sosial yang dijadikan sumber berita merupakan hasil produksi warga yang tidak memiliki<br />kompetensi profesional dalam jurnalisme. Selain itu, pandemi juga mengakibatkan terjadinya<br />momen kritis jurnalisme yang bersifat titik balik (turning point) berupa pengabaian terhadap berbagai<br />aspek rutinitas di lapangan, atau proses reportase yang dilakukan jurnalis digital di lapangan<br />terutama terkait disiplin verifikasi.</p> 2024-02-08T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ETTISAL: Journal of Islamic Communication