Why Muslim Countries under developed?

Siti Aisyah


Islam is very comprehensive religion as the way of life that guides mankind in all
aspects of life. The two responsible of human such as worshiper of Allah and agent of
economic on earth are related to development. Nowadays, the development of Islamic
economic and finance in many Muslim countries is significant to contribute the economic
growths in the country in spite of many of Muslim countries are still in the poverty
problem. By then, the paper attempts to analyze the major problem of Muslim countries
toward development, to explore determinant factors of development in Islamic golden
age and to give best solution to economic development of Muslim countries. It is
qualitative research by using content analysis to answer all reseach questions. The
findings are that The problem of development in Muslim countries is very complex such
as poverty, lack of human skill, income inequality, low level productivity, accumulation
of foreign debt and illiteracy. There are several countries that have excessive oil can be
categorized as high human development. The economic development of Islamic Golden
age applies religious and physical factors to promote society welfare. Lastly, there are
five successfull determinant factors in economic development such as religion, knowledge,
wealth, inovation and institution.


Muslim; Countries; Golden Age; Economic; Development

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