Kesesuaian Lahan Untuk Tanaman Pangan di Kabupaten Madiun

Muhammad Muhammad, Uftori Wasit


The production areas of food crops reported fluctuating during 2005 to
2009 reported by Mitra Usaha
. The datas showed that the production areas of rice was
decresed. In contrast, its corn, cassava and sweet potato were
decreased. It is necessary to increase the food production area through
government policy. Analysis of land suitability for crops with a
Geographic Information System (GIS) is one of the basic for
policy-making and the development of technical suggestions in the
agricultural sector.

This research used grid-type survey method. In this case, the soil
properties compared to the factor class of land suitability for
particular plant based on modifi ed of FAO 1976) and Sys et. al. (1993)
according to the local conditions of Madiun.

The aim of this research was to evaluate the land in Madiun. It could
be recomand to increase the production area of rice, corn, peanuts,
bean, soybean, cassava and sweet potato. The result showed that land
suitability for areas of rice production was 41.347 ha, corn 42.909 ha,
peanut 41.547 ha, bean 42.909 ha, soybean 41.927 ha, cassava 41.537 ha,
and sweet potato 41.537 ha.


Crops; land suitability; Madiun

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