For authors who are interested in submitting an article to JCSR, we are pleased to inform you that the topic of study is as below: ‎

‎- Comparative studies in religion and politics
‎- History of religions
‎- Interfaith dialogue
‎- Philosophy of religion
‎- Psychology of religion
‎‎- Religion and art
‎- Religion and health
‎- Religion and linguistics
‎- Religion and literature
‎- Religion and media
‎- Religious anthropology
‎- Religious ethics
‎- Religious methodological research
‎- Religious phenomenology
‎‎- Religious sociology
‎- Religious tolerance
‎- Rituals on religion
‎- Role of religion in culture and society
‎- Sects
‎- Theology
‎‎- Thoughts, ideologies, and philosophies

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