how can i track a lost smartphone

One of the many questions we get in everyday life is how do I track a lost smartphone?

smartphone, mobile phone, or better known as a smartphone is already a primary necessity. Its existence becomes one of the most important in everyday life.

As one of the most used important items, surely never lost smartphone instead? Either left in the seat, left in the bag of the jacket, or just a Copetan? Well the question is, how do I track the Lost smartphone?

No need to worry, whether you are using an Android or iOS based smartphone, there are easy ways that you can use to track your lost phone!

Track a lost PHONE using Google Find My Device

To track which smartphone with this feature, there are a few conditions that you have to fulfill. The first requirement is of course your smartphone must be connected to a Google account.

Find My Device is one of the official features of Google that most people often use. Interestingly, you do not need to install any application to use this feature.

To use this feature when you lose your phone, just open your browser, log in to your Google account and log in to the Find My Device website.

In it you'll find a map of your phone's location, as well as the option to ring your phone, wipe mobile data, and lock your phone

Even the more interesting thing about this tech giant is, you simply sign in to Google and search for "Find My Phone". Quickly then Google will show you the location of your phone. You are then given the option to ring your phone or to do lock and erase.

If you believe that your phone has been stolen, we recommend that you first select Secure Device to have your phone locked and sign out of your Google account. Just relax because after all you will still be able to track this phone.

You can also use the Erase Device option to erase all the data on the phone. However, once deleted, your phone will not be trackable anymore.

We think how to track missing smartphone using Find My Device is one of the easiest and most practical ways you can do. You can even make use of this feature using any smartphone or any computer.

Track smartphone with dead conditions using Google Timeline

If Find My Device is a feature that can be used when your PHONE is active, then Google Timeline is a feature provided by Google to track smartphone even if it is in a dead state.

The difference is that with this feature you have to keep a little thought to track down smartphone. Google uses this feature as one of your track registrar media.

This is the missing smartphone must already be connected to your Google account, and you always activate the location history on your mobile phone. Without this, Google's tracking feature will not work.

It's simple to keep track of your travels as detailed as possible. When you lose your smartphone, you just have to open this feature and see your phone's last existence.

The drawback is, if your smartphone lost because of stolen people, then turned off, then there is no guarantee of your smartphone loss location close to the last location that Google tracked.
Tracking a lost smartphone using Find My iPhone

As the headline above, this section specifically discusses how to track missing smartphone for Apple's manufacturer users. As the title suggests, you use the smartphone manufacturer of Apple to utilize the basic features owned by this smartphone, which is Find My iPhone.

If Google's Find My Device feature does not require installation to be used, then this Apple-owned feature is a preinstalled feature. So we can say, you do not need the installation process to make use of this application.

How to track a lost Android smartphone

How to track a lost smartphone using this feature starts with logging in to your iCloud. Then you can directly select the feature of Find my iPhone.

It's the same with Google's ADM feature, in a snap Apple will instantly show your iPhone's location. You'll also be given the option to unmute your phone, or turn on Lost mode or also erase all the data on your iPhone dengan mudah

The special thing about this feature is that this feature is developed by Apple, which you can use to find your Mac, iPod, and iPad.

Then to ensure the security of your iPhone, in addition to being one of the ways to track your lost smartphone, find My iphone also requires that you enter your Apple ID and password before you use this feature.
How to track a lost smartphone with conventional methods

If you want to know how to track a lost PHONE without both of the above methods, we also have the answer.

The first way is a well known way of man long before the smartphones are found in the world. The trick is simple, you just call your phone and then look for the vibration or the ringing.

If lucky, you might be able to find the smartphone behind the pillow, on the couch, under the bed, or even tucked in the jacket you just wear. And if your smartphone is lost but you are lucky enough, then you will find someone who lifts your smartphone and is willing to restoreit.