Kepemimpinan Terhadap Perempuan (Respon Feminisme Terhadap Qowwâmah)

Ja’far Shodiq


The development of gender issues has expanded from muslim society, especially in Indonesia. The mufasirs considered as patriarchal by the feminist cause, due to the feminists belief that they prioritize the male over the female. According to the view of muslim feminists towards Qowwâmah, male and female are equal in all aspects of life. The difference is only in taqwa and advantage of inheritance rights. According of them, it’s not Qowwam if the male is not capable in showing the capability in being able to support the female with their wealth/ but according to the view of the mufasirs, Qowwâmah is to lead, to educate, defend, maintain and guide to uprightness. According to the analysis and thought comparison, the feminists rejected the concept of male leadership of women, indirectly because of their assumption that leadership is not entitled to males but can also be taken up by the female. While the muffasirs interpret the verse as the male as absolute leader of the female, either in domestic, ritual and social. The muffasirs interpret the verse by the interpretation methodologies that exist in islam, while the feminists interpret the verse according to hermeneutic interpretation, until reconstructing Islamic shariah law.


Mufasir, Feminism, Qowammah, Male, Female, Leadership, Hermeneutic.



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