Ibn ‘Athiyyah wa Tarjîh fi al-Muḥarrar al-Wajîz

Rochmad Abdurrasyid


Ibnu Athiiyyah was one of the phenomenal figures in tafsir who wrote  a renowned book on tafsir, titled "Al- Muharror Al-Wajiz fi Tafsiri Al-Kitab Al-Azizi". The uniqueness of this book is it’s very simple languange and it’s detailed study and consisitency in explaining with different styles when explaining. The author found that Ibnu Athiiyah  used 8 explaining methods, such as explaining with verses of the Qur’an, Hadith, commentary from the companions and tabi'in, explaining with direct al-Qur'an language, siyaq, qiro'at, with classical poetry, asbab an-nuzul and Arabic language. That is why his book was held in highsteem by the ulama of the past, especially from the ulama who didn't agree with  interpretations that strayed far from it’s direct meaning. And from a language perspective, Ibnu Athiiyyah is quite unique, in the fact that  he usually utilised classical poetry, thus there are a thousand  forms of poetry in Al-Muharror Al-Wajiz book. This is Ibnu Athiiyyah's magnum opus: Al-Muharror al-Wajiz, he is one of the most phenomenal figures ever  produced from the western provinces of the Islamic empire.


Ibnu Athiyyah, Tarjih, Qirâ’ât

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21111/studiquran.v1i2.843


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