Ta’addud al-Ma’na fi Kalimah ad-Dîn fi al-Qur’an al-Karîm

Ali Mahfuz Munawar


Actually, meaning is a problem in language that always related to human life, and no one can interpret it precisely currently. To know the richness of meaning in one sentence, we can use semantics which is study about meaning that contained in language. This article intends to analyze the word al-din that is written numerous times in al-Qur’an, which generally be understood as religion only. The problem is how we determine al-din’s meaning as polysemy or homonymy related to semantics study, because both of them have similarity. After studying some tafsir books such as Thabari and Ibn Kathir, al-din has many meanings such as al-jaza, al-hisab, al-ta’ah, al-ibadah, al-syariah, and al-islam. It’s meaning is as polysemy in al-Qur’an. This study also attempt to determine variety meanings in one sentence in al-Qur’an, but it’s not enough  by just counting on the Qur’anic words, it needed several interpretations of the meaning, so it will help in interpreting and explaining a meaning appropriately. Tafsir is the one and only way to reveal various meanings of Allah’s words.


Meanings of al-Din, Tafsir, Polysemy, Homonymy

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21111/studiquran.v1i2.842


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