Studi Metodologi Tafsir Asy-Sya’rawi

Hikmatiar Pasya


Muslims are being challenged to be more productive in the face of a fastly developing era. Al-Qur'an which is believed by Muslims to be the standard reference for truth, has been judged by some in current times as irrelevant, old-fashioned, or even out-of-date. Al-Qur'an as Allah's words which has been transformed into human language, brings out universal meanings. The dynamics of a human's life will always affect their perspective in understanding. That is why, the understanding of al-Qur'an will always relate or have some correlation to the development of a human’s life. As stated by Umar ibn Khathab, " I go out from al-Qur'an in order to return to it." It means we must apply a contextual approach and not just textual to substantially understand al-Qur'an. In the middle of this pluralistic society, where nationalism was indoctrinated, asy-Sya'rawi was born. His consistency in explaining al-Qur'an with the Qur'an itself, expresses a realization in his perspective that the most accurate method in explaining the Qur'an is by using the Qur'an itself (al-Qur’an yufassiru ba’duhu ba’dhan). By using adab ijtima’i and i’jazi methods in interpretating al-Qur'an, it is hoped to be a solution for these issues, so al-Qur'an and Islam will always be as shalih likulli zamân wal al-makân.


Metodology, Adab Ijtima'i, I'jazi, Tafsir, asy-Sya'rawi



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